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ATON is a secure and user-friendly mobile wallet for the PlatON Network. You can use ATON to send and receive LATs, view transaction history,and monitor account balances. It also provides convenient delegation service as you can delegate LATs to validators and get the reward.

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Wallet Function

Assets Management

The wallet displays the balances of your various assets and the transaction history; You can perform transfer operations with the wallet.

Wallet Offline

ATON supports offline use. It will never upload a user's private key and mnemonics to the server. You can save the cold wallet in a secure place off the network and use the observation wallet for online transactions.

Validator Delegating

Delegate your LAT to validators with the corresponding functions in your wallet. This supports and maintains the operation and stability of the entire network but at the same time,continuously accumulating rewards.

Wallet Security

Backup Private Key and Mnemonic

Once the wallet is successfully created, it is necessary to backup the mnemonic, private key and wallet file immediately. These must be kept safe place as if they are lost, they cannot be retrieved.

Never Give Out Your Private Key

Full control of the wallet can be obtained with the private key. Do not give out your private key to anyone at any time. There is a huge risk in transmitting your private key over the Internet.

Download from Official Channels

Be sure to download the Wallet software or App from official channels to ensure security. Remember, no “official staff” will ever ask for your mnemonic and private key.